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This page has been abandoned, BUT the reasoning behind that is that I am designing one that includes both WCW and WWF superstars. Plus I seem to easily get away with things that the censors over here would go off on me for. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE NEWER BETTER PLACE!!!!!
Barnes and Noble Homepage

This page will have the current Heavyweight champions music on my main page, so I am sorry for those who feel that it is not fitting for a Bipartisan page to put one person above another, but it is the greatest (at the moment). For those wanting music of a specific wrestler that has the words and such, email me and I will see what I can do as I myself have a small collection of those done by others. I do not use them as they are not my property, and thus it would be disrespectful.

Welcome one and all. I try to keep this page Bypartisan, so if you find a negative comment on the persons, or organizations page, then report it to me, and it will be removed. Howver, I reserve the right to write negative things about them on other pages.

Well, when you email me, make the subject relavent, or I will delete it. Also, remember that you are addressing Maverick, or Mavvy for short. I am interested in WCW/NWO affairs of all types. At this point in time I do not have an LWO page, but if it becomes a real organized faction it will find its way in.

If you have ant requests, send them to me and label them "requests"

Here are the links to wrestlers on my page to the wrestler Bios

Kevin Nash
Hollywood Hogan
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