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Welcome to the Kevin Nash fanpage. This is the page totally dedicated to :Big Sexy the Giant killer." His Jack Knife Powerbomb has devastated opponent after opponent. He denies the fact, but he is currently the leader of the nWo Wolfpac. He may soon get a shot at Goldberg. We are yet to know what would happen under such a circumstance. Perhaps "THE BOOM!' would crash Goldberg's winning streak. Then again perhaps he will not only take that title, but go on to grab the TV title (which we are all wondering why he doesn't already have). Then maybe he and Sting could go on to become the Tagteam champs. This man posseses the talent to unite all three belts, and perhaps he will. I will keep you up to date on the man, and try to find a fan-address. Until then... Wolfpac in da house!!!!! Mavvy